Burgers’ Zoo

Antoon van Hooffplein 1, Arnhem

Open today: 09:00 – 17:00

Go on a world trip to Burgers’ Zoo! The park where you are one with nature. Are you ready for an adventurous expedition? You will travel through the most diverse nature reserves in the world! Not only will you travel through the tropical rainforest, the rocky desert of Arizona and the savannah of East Africa, but you will also get an intimate introduction to the tropical coral reef and the jungle of Malaysia.

You walk among the trees in a park-like hilly landscape and meet all kinds of animal species that are considered crowd favorites. You certainly don’t want to miss the Asian elephants, panthers, penguins, flamingos or meerkats. A visit to the gorilla group full of playful young life and the adjacent chimpanzee colony is definitely recommended!

Wildlife Safari

Via a wooden footbridge you will discover the characteristic wildlife of the savannah of East Africa: broad-lipped rhinos, giraffes, zebras and antelopes. All types of herbivores in this ecosystem follow their own strategy to get enough green food. Cheetahs and lions can also be found in the Safari, but in their own enclosures! You can view these impressive predators through large glass walls in the observation huts.

Unique Desert

The journey has taken you to the rocky desert of Arizona. Depending on the season, it can be scorching hot or icy cold here. You will encounter a very diverse flora and fauna in a surprisingly versatile landscape. For example, this is the natural habitat of bighorn sheep, peccaries, bobcats, turkey vultures and rattlesnakes. The collection of animal and plant species in the Desert is unique in zoos!

Beautiful Asian animal species in the Rimba

In the Rimba you will meet animals from the forest areas of Southeast Asia. This region is known for the exceptional wealth of animal species, such as tigers, gibbons, pythons and bears. But you will also come face to face with beautiful species of deer, cattle and monitor lizards. In many cases, several animal species live together in one enclosure.

Tropical Rainforest Bush

In the Bush you experience the colorful world of the tropical rainforest. The humid heat, dense vegetation, smells and sounds will make you blink for a moment. You will soon notice that there are animals living in complete freedom all around you! Like a true explorer, you will unravel the secrets of this world and, with a bit of luck, spot manatees,aardvarks, capybaras, birds, iguanas and flying dogs.

Dive into the Ocean

You’re going into the water! Wearing an imaginary diving suit, you leave a tropical beach and explore the lagoon. Hundreds of colorful fish welcome you. A little deeper you will come across a huge living coral reef. Suddenly you look into the depths of the vast ocean where sharks appear as quickly as they disappear! Once at the rocky coast, eagle rays and stingrays glide gracefully through the water just above your head.

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Antoon van Hooffplein 1
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Open today: 09:00 – 17:00



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