Children playing on one of the Children's Experience Trails in Ede in nature
Children's experience trail, Epe © Jurjen Drenth

Fun for kids

The Veluwe is a fantastic playground for kids of all ages, offering endless fun and adventure. From the amazing Burgers’ Zoo with its expansive wildlife habitats to the playful Apenheul where monkeys roam free, there’s something for every young explorer. Climbing forests offer thrilling tree-top adventures, while exciting theme parks provide hours of fun. Whether it’s encountering exotic animals, enjoying high ropes courses, or playing in interactive spaces, the Veluwe is the perfect place for unforgettable family fun!


Julianatoren is a vibrant theme park in Apeldoorn, offering over 60 exciting attractions and spectacular shows tailored for young children up to the age of ten. From thrilling rides to lively performances, Julianatoren promises an unforgettable day of laughter and adventure for the whole family.

Kinderen zitten in attractie Muizenval in Kinderpretpark Julianatoren

Children’s amusement parkJulianatoren

The Spelerij – Uitvinderij

The Spelerij – Uitvinderij in Dieren is a unique play and discovery park where children can engage in hands-on activities and unleash their creativity. Explore interactive installations, build contraptions, and discover the joy of making things come alive. It’s a place where learning meets fun, making it an inspiring destination for families and young inventors alike.

Burgers' Zoo

Explore Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, where immersive habitats like the Bush, Desert, and Ocean bring you closer to nature. Wander through lush rainforests, arid landscapes, and vibrant marine worlds. Committed to conservation and education, the zoo offers an unforgettable wildlife experience for all ages.

Prachtige foto van een Neushoornvogel in de jungle in Burgers Zoo
Prachtige foto van een Luipaard op de grond in Burgers Zoo
Beautiful photo of a herd of zebras and giraffes in Burgers Zoo
Bird sits on a walkway amid the tropical forests and waterfalls of the Bush at Burgers' Zoo, Arnhem


A forest full of free-roaming monkeys, that’s the Apenheul. This splendid natural setting in the Veluwe region is home to around 300 primates, and half of them can mingle freely with the visitors! The useful tips throughout the park help you to spot all the different types, and you can learn much more about the apes and monkeys during the special presentations by the keepers. If you want to take a break from all
that primate-spotting, you can monkey around yourself in the jungle playground or enjoy some tasty, organic fries or other refreshments with a view of the gorilla island!

Gezin met twee kinderen kijkt naar loslopende kroonmaki in Apelheul



Where will you find the very best playmates, with whom you always have the most exciting adventures? And who will make you howl with laughter? That’s right! In Harderwijk, at Europe’s biggest marine mammal park: Dolfinarium! Come and be amazed at all the animals. Go on a journey around the world with dolphins during a spectacular show, get a soaking from the honking seals, come face to face through the glass with colossal walruses and if you’re lucky you might even get to tickle a stingray!

Zaans cottages on a pond at the Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem
© Dutch Open Air Museum, Arnhem

Dutch Open Air Museum: journey through Dutch history

Explore Dutch history at the Netherlands Open Air Museum, featuring historic houses, farms, and windmills amidst scenic landscapes. Experience traditional crafts and interactive exhibits, offering a glimpse into centuries past.

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Climbing & swinging

Explore thrilling tree-top courses where you navigate platforms via ropes, bridges, and zip lines. Perfect for all ages, these adventures offer exhilarating views and unforgettable experiences in the Veluwe.

Activities for kids